2016-02-22 National Chiao Tung University to raise funds for 120 chairs

Taipei, Feb. 22 (CNA) National Chiao Tung University will raise funds to give 120 chair professors higher salaries, which the school will start hiring this year, university President Frank Chang (張懋中) said Monday.


Faced with global competition, talent migration will affect the development of Taiwan’s higher education, Chang said, noting that the salaries of other countries are several times higher than in Taiwan — twice as high in Hong Kong, four times higher in Singapore, five times higher in Saudi Arabia and between five and seven times higher in the United States.


“Taiwan has no competitiveness in terms of salary to solicit talent,” Chang said. Chang taught at the University of California Los Angeles before returning to Chiao Tung last year.


The salaries of professors in Taiwan cannot compete with other countries, and the more important thing is that a lot of countries have tried to lure talent from Taiwan, he said, adding that this is why he has decided to raise funds to boost the salaries of chair professors.


As this year marks the 120th anniversary of the school, he has decided to raise salary for 120 chair professors, adding that the goal will be to raise NT$500 million in four years, hoping to lure local and foreign chair professors.


He is hoping that the monthly salary of young professors could reach at least between NT$100,000 (US$3,010) and NT$130,000.


Chen Sin-horng (陳信宏), senior vice president of the university, said a professor in Taiwan earns NT$100,000 per month on average, and a new assistant professor can only manage between NT$60,000 and NT$80,000, which is a big gap compared with other countries, and will make it hard to retain talent. 


(By Hsu Chi-wei and Lilian Wu)